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Subject - Web Development
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Which HTML5 element is used to specify a header for a document or section?







Definition and Usage of HTML <header> Tag as follows:
The <header> element represents a container for introductory content or a set of navigational links of the application.

In HTML5, A <header> element typically contains the following:

  • one or more heading elements (<h1> - <h6>)
  • logo or icon or Brand name
  • authorship information

Note: You can implement several <header> elements in one HTML document. However, <header> cannot be placed within an another <header> element, <footer> or <address>.

An example of a header for an <article> is as follows:

  <h1>Slight Book heading here</h1>
  <p>Posted by Chaitanya Kudumula</p>
  <p>Additional information here about Slight Book</p>
  <p>Slight Book Interview Questions....</p>


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