Perfomance(Load Runner) Interview questions

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Subject - Software Testing
Subsubject - Perfomance(Load Runner)

Mention what is the difference between performance testing and functional testing?

                        Functional Testing

                          Performance Testing

  • To verify the accuracy of the software with definite inputs against expected output, functional testing is done.
  • This testing can be done manually or automated
  • One user performs all the operations
  • Customer, Tester and Development involvement is required
  • Production sized test environment is not necessary, and H/W requirements are minimal
  •  To validate the behavior of the system at various load conditions performance testing is done.
  • It gives the best result if automated
  • Several user performs desired operations
  • Customer, Tester, Developer, DBA and N/W management team
  • Requires close to production test environment and several H/W facilities to populate the load


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