Perfomance(Load Runner) Interview questions

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Subject - Software Testing
Subsubject - Perfomance(Load Runner)

Mention what all thing involves in Performance Testing Process?

  • Right testing environment: Figure out the physical test environment before carry performance testing, like hardware, software and network configuration
  • Identify the performance acceptance criteria: It contains constraints and goals for throughput, response times and resource allocation
  • Plan and design Performance tests: Define how usage is likely to vary among end users, and find key scenarios to test for all possible use cases
  • Test environment configuration: Before the execution, prepare the testing environment and arranges tools, other resources, etc.
  • Test design implementation: According to your test design, create a performance test
  • Run the tests: Execute and monitor the tests
  • Analyze, tune and retest: Analyze, consolidate and share test results. After that, fine tune and test again to see if there is any enhancement in performance. Stop the test, if CPU is causing bottlenecking.


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