Manual testing Interview questions

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Subject - Software Testing
Subsubject - Manual testing

What made you pick testing over another career?

Testing is one aspect which is very important in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). I like to be part of the team which is responsible for the quality of the application being delivered. Also, QA has broad opportunities and large scope for learning various technologies. And of course it has lot more opportunities than the Development.
Sample Test Case: 

  • Test Case ID.
  • Test Case Description.
  • Input Data.
  • Expected Result.
  • Actual Result.
  • Pass/Fail.
  • Remarks.

Sample Bug Case:  

  • S. no.
  • Links.
  • Bug ID.
  • Description. 
  • Initial Bug Status.
  • Retesting Bug Status.
  • Conf Bug Status.

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