Manual testing Interview questions

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Subject - Software Testing
Subsubject - Manual testing

What are the steps to perform software testing?

  • Understand requirements and business logic.
  •  Get budget and schedule requirements.
  •  Determine required standards and processes.
  •  Set priorities, and determine scope and limitations of tests.
  •  Determine test approaches and methods.
  •  Determine test environment, test ware, test input data requirements.
  •  Set milestones and prepare test plan document.
  •  Write test cases.
  •  Have needed reviews/inspections/approvals of test cases.
  •  Set up test environment.
  •  Execute test cases.
  •  Evaluate and report results.
  •  Bug Tracking and fixing.
  •  Retesting or regression testing if needed.
  •  Update test plans, test cases, test results, traceability matrix etc.

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