Manual testing Interview questions

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Subject - Software Testing
Subsubject - Manual testing

What are the contents of test plan?

Title and identification of software including version etc.

  •  Revision history.
  •  Table of Contents.
  •  Purpose of document and intended audience.
  •  Objective and software product overview.
  •  Relevant related document list and standards or legal requirements/
  •  Naming conventions.
  •  Overview of software project organization.
  •  Roles and responsibilities etc.
  •  Assumptions and dependencies.
  •  Risk analysis.
  •  Testing priorities.
  •  Scope and limitations of testing effort.
  •  Outline of testing effort and input data.
  •  Test environment setup and configuration issues.
  •  Configuration management processes.
  •  Outline of bug tracking system.
  •  Test automation if required.
  •  Any tools to be used, including versions, patches, etc.
  •  Project test metrics to be calculated.
  •  Testing deliverables.
  •  Reporting plan.
  •  Testing entrance and exit criteria.
  •  Sanity testing period and criteria.
  •  Test suspension and restart criteria.
  •  Personnel pre-training needs.
  •  Relevant proprietary, classified, security and licensing issues.
  •  Open issues if any.
  •  Appendix.


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