Manual testing Interview questions

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Subject - Software Testing
Subsubject - Manual testing

What are the components of a bug report?

  •  Application name.
  •  The function, module, name.
  •  Bug ID.
  •  Bug reporting date.
  •  Status.
  •  Test case ID.
  •  Bug description.
  •  Steps needed to reproduce the bug.
  •  Names and/or descriptions of file/data/messages/etc. used in test.
  •  Snapshot that would be helpful in finding the cause of the problem.
  •  Severity estimate.
  •  Was the bug reproducible?
  •  Name of tester.
  •  Description of problem cause (filled by developers).
  •  Description of fix (filled by developers).
  •  Code section/file/module/class/method that was fixed (filled by developers).
  •  Date of fix (filled by developers).
  •  Date of retest or regression testing.
  •  Any remarks or comments.


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