Manual testing Interview questions

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Subject - Software Testing
Subsubject - Manual testing

Explain IEEE 829 standards and other Software Testing standards?

An IEEE 829 standard is used for Software Test Documentation, where it specifies format for the set of documents to be used in the different stages software testing. The documents are,
Test Plan- Test Plan is a planning document which has information about the scope, resources, duration, test coverage and other details.
Test Design- Test Design document has information of test pass criteria with test conditions and expected results.
Test Case-Test case document has information about the test data to be used.
Test Procedure-Test Procedure has information about the test steps to be followed and how to execute it.
Test Log-Test log has details about the run test cases, test plans &fail status, order, and the resource information who tested it.
Test Incident Report-Test Incident Report has information about the failed test comparing the actual result with expected result.
Test Summary Report-Test Summary Report has information about the testing done and quality of the software, it also analyses whether the software has met the requirements given by customer.
The other standards related to software testing are,
IEEE 1008 is for Unit Testing.
IEEE 1012 is for Software verification and validation.
IEEE 1028 is for Software Inspections.
IEEE 1061 is for Software metrics and methodology.
IEEE 1233 is for guiding the SRS development.
IEEE 12207 is for SLC process.

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