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What is the use of the Len() function in VBScript?







Len Function
The Len Function returns the length of the given input string including the empty or blank spaces.

Len Function Syntax is as below:
Len(String)Len Function Example is as follows

<!DOCTYPE html>
   <script language = "vbscript" type = "text/vbscript">
    var1 = "SlightBook Website"
    document.write("Length of var1 is : " & Len(var1) & "<br />")

    var2 = "SlightBook Website"
    document.write("Length of var2 is : " & Len(var2) & "<br />")


When you save it as .html and execute it in Internet Explorer the browser, then the above script will produce the following output −

Length of var1 is : 18
Length of var2 is : 36

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