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What is the difference b/ w process builder and Workflow ?

Workflow is business logic that evaluates records as they are created and updated and determines if an automated action requires to occur. In a way it permits records to speak up or do something – update data, notify people or external systems.

It is part of the Salesforce platform for a very long time.

Workflow does only 4 actions,

  1. Create Task
  2. Update Fiel
  3. Email Alert
  4. Outbound Message

The Lightning Process Builder is a new workflow tool that helps you easily automate your business processes by providing a powerful and user-friendly visual representation of your process as you build it. Instead of doing this repetitive work manually, you can configure processes to do it automatically. The Process Builder’s simple and powerful design allows you to automate processes.

You can use the Process Builder to perform more actions than with workflow,

  1. Create a record
  2. Update any related record
  3. Use a quick action to create a record, update a record, or log a call
  4. Launch a flow
  5. Send an email
  6. Post to Chatter
  7. Submit for approval
  8. Call apex methods

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