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Define inheritance and how it can be implemented in PHP?

A class can be inherited methods and properties of another class by using keyword extends in the class declaration and it is not possible to extend multiple classes; a class can only inherit from other base class.

The inherited methods and properties can be overridden by redeclaring them with the same name defined in the parent class. However, if a parent class has defined a method as final, that method can not be overridden. It is possible to access the overridden methods or static properties by referencing them with parent::.

When overriding methods, the parameter signature should remains same or PHP will generate an E_STRICT level error. This does’nt apply to a constructor, which allows overriding with different parameters.


class ExtendClass1 extends SimpleClass1
   // Redefine the parent method
   function displayVar()
      echo "Slightbook\n";

$extended = new ExtendClass1();


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