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Different types of JIT (Just In Time)?

JIT compilation converts the .NET application MSIL code to native code during execution. There are three types of JIT compilers in Microsoft .NET as given below,

1. Pre-JIT

2. Econo-JIT

3. Normal-JIT

1. Pre-JIT: As part of the application execution, Pre-JIT compiles the complete MSIL code into native code in a single compilation cycle.

2. Econo-JIT: It compiles only those methods that are called at runtime instead of compiling complete source code. However, these compiled methods are removed when they are not required.

3. Normal-JIT: It compiles only those methods that are called at runtime. Unless Econo-JIT, These methods are compiled when the first time they are called, and then they are stored in cache. When the same methods are called again, the compiled code from cache is used for execution.

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