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Is jQuery a library for client scripting or server scripting?







If the code is compiled/run on the client's machine, it is considered client-side. Serverside means a script that is compiled/run on the server before sending it to a browser.

jQuery is just a library for JavaScript. That's all client-side. For instance, some commonly used languages on the web. 

  1. Client-side: JavaScript, Jquery
  2. Server-side: .Net, Java, PHP, Perl

In Client-side scripting, a Script file usually download on the client system, and the client browser compiled this script file and generates HTML and Generated HTML display by browser.
Example:- Jquery file, AngularJs file, JavaScript file.

In server-side scripting, when the user requests a page for display then the script runs on the server and generates a dynamic HTML file, and sends this HTML file to the user.
Example:- Asp.Net(.aspx), PHP(*.php), Asp(.asp).

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