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What are new features of Angular?

Here are the new features of Angular,

  1. Typescript 2.7+ supports
  2. Added Angular Material and CDK Stable
  3. Component Dev Kit (CDK) - CDK allows/permits you to build your own library of UI components using Angular Material
  4. Ivy Renderer - It is a new backward compatible and main focused area - speed improvements, size reduction, and increased flexibility
  5. Add afterContentInit and afterContentChecked to render
  6. Added Optional generic type for ElementRef
  7. Bazel Compiler - Bazel only rebuilds what is necessary
  8. Added multiple validators for array method of FormBuilder
  9. Handle string with and without line boundary
  10. AbstractControl statusChanges
  11. Updates on NgModelChange
  12. Allow HttpInterceptors to inject HttpClient
  13. Add navigationSource and restoredState to NavigationStart
  14. Tree shaking is now with services with new provideIn attribute

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