Advanced Java Tutorial

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Queue Interface

The interface maintains the FIFO order of data defined as an ordered list that used to hold an element that is about to be processed. PriorityQueue, Dequeue & ArrayDeque can be implemented in the Queue interface.

Queue<String> q1= new PriortyQueue();
Queue<String> q2= new ArrayDeque();


Set interface

The Set interface available in java.util package, it extends the collection interface. The set represents an unordered group of elements that don’t allow to store the duplicate items. A set can store null values if implemented by HashSet, LinkedHashSet & TreeSet.

Set<data-type> s1 = new HashSet<data-type>();
Set<data-type> s2 = new LinkedHashSet<data-type>();
Set<data-type> s3 = new treeSet<data-type>();



HashSet implements Set interface. HashSet represents the collection that uses the hash table for storage.  hashing used to store data into HashSet. it neglect duplicate item & contains unique items.


The LinkedHashSet represents the implementation of the set interface. LinkedHashSet extends the HashSet class & implement the Set interface. It contains unique items & maintains the insertion & permit null element.