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A Graph has defined a set of vertices & edges which are used to connect such vertices. It can be visible as a cyclic tree where nodes are maintained any complex relationship among them.

Two components define it in a graph:

  • A set of a number of vertices, knowns as nodes
  • Edge with a finite set of ordered pair in for (u,v)


Graph the non-linear data structure, classified on bases of two-parameter: Direction & Weight.


Direction classified as directed graph & undirected graph.

Directed graph

A directed graph is a collection of nodes or vertices that are connected with each other & all edges have direction from one vertex to another.

Undirected graph

An undirected graph is a group of node or vertices which are connected to each other with no direction


The graph's non-linear data structure can be classified as a weighted graph & an unweighted graph.

Weighted graph

A graph in which weight can be present on every edge of the graph. a weighted graph is a type of labeled graph.

Unweighted graph

A graph in which no weight present on any edge.