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Binary Search Tree

The binary search tree is defined as a class of binary trees in which the nodes are organized in a specific order it is also known as an ordered binary tree.

The value of all nodes in the left subtree is let then the value of parent root, same way value of all node in right subtree is greater than or equals to value of parent root.

Search becomes very efficient in a binary tree; we can get hints at each step about which part of the tree contains the desired element. A binary search tree can be considered as an efficient data structure in comparison to array & negates half subtree at every step.

Operations in Binary search Tree

  1. Search in - Finding the actual location of a specific node element in a binary search tree
  2. Insertion in - Adding a new element to the tree at a specific location so the property of the Binary search tree does not violate
  3. Deletion in - Deleting an appropriate node from the binary search can be various cases in deletion depending on the number of the child node