Advanced Java Tutorial

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The below are the advantages of Applets,

  • It is secured
  • It takes less time in response at client side
  • Multiplatform support as it runs over a web browser, only plugin required to execute applet on browser

An applet is a web page-based service. webpages are creating using HTML tags. It has four basic HTML tag,

  • <html> : root tag
  • <head> : head section of  html .it has contain meta information , title,  scripts & external style sheet
  • <body> : it has content that is viewed to user who is visiter of web page
  • <title> : it specify inside <head> tag 

Applet tag:

<apple code="ClassName" height=150" width="250"></apple>


The applet does not have a main() method on console-based java programs. It used for displaying the GUI or graphics-based application to the user.