Advanced Java Tutorial

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AWT UI Element


The Label component is used for placing text in a container.


The button component used to creates a labeled button.


The list component used to present the user with a scrolling list of text items.


TextField component is also known as text component that allows you for editing of a single line of text.


The text area component allows you the editing multiple lines of text.


Choice control component used to show a pop up menu of choices. the selected choice can be shown on the top of the menu.

Check box

The check box component used for either an true or false statement.

Check Box Group

This component class used to group the set of checkboxes.


Image is superclass for the image classes that representing graphical images.


The canvas represents a rectangular area where the application draws something or receives input created by a user.


The dialog used to represent a top-level window with a border & titles that takes some form of input from the user.

File Dialog

File Dialog use to represent the dialog window from which the user can select the file.

Scroll bar

The scroll bar uses to represent the scroll bar component in order to enable the user to select from a huge range of values.