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Functions of Run Time Environment of SQLJ

SQLJ(Java) runtime implements the SQL operations I.e, typically Oracle JDBC driver in case of Oracle database. After translation i.e, after the generation of all the profiles for the connection contexts the user runs the application.

  • SQLJ(Java) generated application code users methods in an SQLJ generated class to access the connected profiles with the help of mapping between SQLJ executable statements in the application and SQL operations in the profiles
  • SQLJ(Java) generated applications code calls the SQLJ runtime which reads the SQL operations from the profile
  • The SQLJ(Java) runtime calls the JDBC driver and passes the SQL operation to the driver
  • The SQLJ(Java) runtime passes any input parameters to the JDBC driver
  • The JDBC driver executes the SQL operations
  • If any data is to be returned, the database sends it to the JDBC driver which sends it to the SQLJ run time for use by the application generated

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