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What is Defect/Bug/Error Life Cycle?

  • Defect: During requirement phase if we find its called as defect.A defect in requirement.
  • Bug: During testing phase if we find its called a BUG.

Error Life Cycle:

  • Open
  • assigned(assigned to dev)
  • Dev-passed(after fixing)
  • Under testing(when testing team receives the fix)
  • Closed(if working fine)else reopen

Defect is the issue caught while Testing, When the as said is accepted by the developers then the as said is called as a Bug;
Error always occurs in the coding during Unit Testing by the development team.

(isues regarding the coding are said Error's):
A Mistake in coding is called an ERROR. This mistake detected by test engineer during testing called defect(or) issue. This defect (or)issue accepted by defect tracking team as code related defect called BUG.
When we found a defect /Bug we will set the status New and set the severity and then assign to the junior senior people based on the severity they will set the priority and then they will assign to corresponding developer based on the severity dev fix it. And again tester again re-tested he will fix correctly close the bug, otherwise then again re assign to the corresponding dev.

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